October 13, 2022

Skin Cancer Risks

What Are The Risk Factors Of Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer forms when the DNA of a skin cell is damaged, and forms an abnormal cell that can divide rapidly. There are several factors that might contribute to this occurring:

UV Exposure

UV Exposure is the biggest cause of skin cancer in our lives. UV light comes from the sun, and is known as a human carcinogen: it causes cancer in people. Just one bad sunburn can triple your risk of developing melanoma. This is why using sunscreen and reducing your sun exposure is so important: it’s the biggest thing you can do to prevent skin cancer.

Skin Type

Not all skin types have the same risk of skin cancer. People with fairer or lighter skin have less melanin in their skin, the protein that gives skin its pigmentation. Melanin is a natural protector against UV radiation, meaning people with darker skin have a lower risk of developing skin cancer than those who have lighter skin. However, no-one is immune from skin cancer, and protecting yourself from UV exposure is still important for all of us.


Solariums, also known as tanning beds, are extremely risky when it comes to skin cancer. Just one use of a solarium increases your risk of skin cancer by 20%. People who used a solarium before the age of 35 had a 75% higher chance of developing skin cancer than those who hadn’t used one. This is because Solariums are concentrated UV light machines, which bombard your skin from every direction with dangerous UV radiation. Solariums should be avoided to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Risk Assessment

King Street Skin Cancer Clinic is the Illawarra’s experts in identifying and treating all forms of skin cancer. If there is any concern about an area of skin, or it’s been a while since the last skin check, we highly recommend booking an appointment to get a skin risk assessment completed by one of our qualified physicians.



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