Full Body Skin Checks

Skin Checks in Warrawong

Having regular checks to see if your skin is free from any potential cancers is vital to prevent serious complications. King Street Skin Cancer offers full body skin checks for all our clients.

Full Body Skin Checks

Skin Checks in Warrawong

Having regular checks to see if your skin is free from any potential cancers is vital to prevent serious complications. King Street Skin Cancer offers full body skin checks for all our clients.

What to Expect with a Full Body Check?

When you come in for a full body skin check, your doctor will take a history and assess your skin cancer risk. During the examination the doctor will look for any moles, freckles or bumps that may indicate some form of cancerous growth using specialised equipment designed to diagnose skin cancer. 

With your consent, your doctor will ask you to undress down to your underwear and will look over your skin to see if anything is suspicious. Female chaperones will always be available for full body checks in female patients. The doctor will always use a dermatoscope, which is a specialised magnifying tool for skin to check any suspicious moles or growths. If you have any areas of concern, please bring them to your doctor’s attention. It is recommended that you also perform regular skin-checks yourself, and get a trusted friend, family member or partner to look over your skin for any areas you cannot check yourself. Your doctor (with your consent) may take photos of your body in order to track changes over time. This is a useful tool in identifying any spots that change, which is an indicator of concern.
Your doctor has completed significant additional training in dermoscopy under skin cancer college Australasia to diagnose skin cancer.

Full Body Skin Checks Wollongong

Sometimes skin cancers including some melanomas can be very subtle and look similar to a benign freckle.
Any new, changing or symptomatic skin lesion/Mole needs urgent assessment by an accredited skin cancer doctor.

Book a Skin Check Today

The GPs at King Street Skin Cancer have many years of experience in performing skin checks with both male and female doctors are available for bookings. If you have not received a skin check for some time, or have a mole you’re concerned about, please book an appointment as soon as possible.

Skin Check Warrawong

What Happens If My Doctor Finds Something During A Full Body Check?

Firstly, even if your doctor finds something suspicious, it does not mean anything bad has happened. Your doctor may be concerned about a mole in its early stages, or the mole is a benign growth.

If your doctor finds something worth investigating, they may recommend a skin biopsy. Part of the skin is removed and sent to a lab to detect if any cancerous cells are present. The doctor may also recommend a skin excision, where the problem area of skin is removed, in order to reduce the risk of the mole or growth becoming malignant. Other treatments may include the burning or freezing off of any concerning areas, which is a safe treatment option for certain types of skin cancers.

Signs a mole might be suspicious include:

// Colour - Suspicious moles might change colour or be an unusual colour.
// Shade - Suspicious moles can be shades that are significantly darker than your skin tone.
// Changes - Suspicious moles often change in some way. They can be the same for years, then change shape, colour or size.
// Shape - Suspicious moles can be irregular or asymmetrical in shape. Healthy moles are often circular and even.
// Lumps - Suspicious moles can sometimes have a lump underneath, indicating a growth. If the lump is jagged or uneven, this is more concerning.

It is recommended you undertake a full body skin check every year, to monitor for changes. The earlier the cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat and the better the outcomes.

If you have had skin cancers in the past, your doctor will advise more frequent skin checks based on your risk level.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Preventative measures can drastically reduce your chance of developing skin cancer in the future. Practising ‘Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide’ is a great way of reducing your sun exposure and risk of skin cancer:

Slip on a shirt

Slop some sunscreen

Slap on a hat

Seek out Shade

Slide on some sunglasses

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Where To Find King Street Skin Cancer

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