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Antenatal management with GP share care

Harmonising Your Pregnancy Journey

Antenatal Management with GP Share Care Introduction Embarking on the journey of pregnancy is a beautiful, albeit at times, overwhelming experience. To streamline this journey, King Street Medical offers Antenatal Management with GP Share Care,

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Hay fever Treatment Wollongong

Battling Hay Fever as Spring Approaches

Battling Hay Fever as Spring Approaches: Symptoms, Coping Strategies, and the Benefits of Botulinum Toxin As the vibrant blossoms of spring burst forth, so do a myriad of symptoms for hay fever sufferers. Located in

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Understanding STI Symptoms and the Importance of Regular STI Check ups

At King Street Medical, we understand that discussing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be uncomfortable. However, they’re a reality for many people and can have serious health implications if not addressed. On the brighter side,

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Clinical Psychologist Wollongong

A Guide To The Realm Of Psychology Specialists

The Variety of Mental Health Practitioners and Treatment Options Available1. What is a mental health expert and what do they do?In the movies, they are referred to as shrinks - a non-flattering slang term for

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Finding a psychologist or counsellor who meets my budget constraints.

How can I find an affordable qualified psychologist or counsellor who meets my budget constraints?At King Street Medical we understand the budget is sometimes on top of people’s minds. And as a matter of fact,

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Childhood Vaccinations

Why Childhood Vaccinations Are So Important 

It’s always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Avoiding many of the most serious diseases is easy by simply following the recommended vaccination schedule for your child.  In the 1900s polio killed

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