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King St Medical
King Street Dental & Medical
King Street Dental and Medical
King Street Dental and Medical


King St Medical – Business Concept

A privately owned facility that effectively competes with the corporate medical practices without compromising on patient care or the comfort and lifestyle of staff and medical officers working within the practice. The facility has been designed with the patient experience in mind. Each room has a full wall sized mural of a local region to emphasise our place within the community. The large and luxirous waiting area can accommodate for over 60 people and the onsite café aroma fills the area, providing a welcome distraction for our customers. The outdoor garden seating area has over 50 seats to provide a greenery filled area our customers can enjoy along with our staff to relax during meal breaks. Numerous community initiatives have been integrated into the business concept to reflect how enthusiastically we involve ourselves as members of the Illawarra community.

Doctor’s Remuneration

A remuneration of 70% of billings will be arranged in our facility agreement with you.

Ensuring your Income

We are confident in our business model and the demand for medical services in the area and therefore are willing to arrange a retainer to ensure your income is maintained. We are focused on growing the business, but not at the expense of any existing doctor’s income. A procedure will be in place to make sure any existing medical officers are not effected as we introduce new doctors to the practice.

Existing Contractual Obligations

There are many types of contractual or facility agreements in place between medical officers and practices.

An existing contractual arrangement CAN NOT inhibit you from earning an income and working at a different medical practice. Restriction zones and time frames can only be enforced if you wish to OWN a practice.

As such, at King Street Medical there are no contractual obligations, only a standard facility agreement.  We are confident that our doctors and staff will be happy in our working environment and wish for them to continue as long as they are. 


If you feel that contractual obligations are a concern for you, we will be happy to organise legal advice regarding your specific contract, at our expense, to determine the most appropriate way to proceed.


All day to day management concerns, IT and human resources will be taken care of by administration staff. Medical officers can focus on providing excellent health care to the community. Monthly meetings will be arranged to address any ideas within the practice. This is the place where medical officers can provide input into how we can improve their working environment and the delivery of health care services.

Ancillary Health Services

Plans are in place to include visiting Specialist Medical Officers, Pathology, Radiology, Podiatrist, Dieticians, Physiotherapist, Optometrist and other health care providers. Our aim is to provide an environment for the community to access multiple health services in a single location.

Community Health Initiatives

Community engagement is an essential part of the business plan for King Street Dental and Medical. A focus group will be arranged to plan and deliver community health education sessions on a wide variety of health subjects. The focus group can consist of a multi-disciplined health team to ensure we are delivering the best possible health education to the community.

King St Dental

The dental wing has room for 10 chairs of which one room has been dedicated to surgical procedures. Medical gases have been plumbed to all surgery chairs. There is a fully fitted dental laboratory on site as well as OPG and CBCT. There is a dedicated room for photography and treatment plan consultation. State of the art Intra-oral scanners and 3D printers have been implemented for full digital dentistry.

King St Pharmacy

A pharmacy has been planned for the centre. The pharmacy will be open the same hours as the medical centre to provide convenience to the community. Along with the all the other health care providers in the centre, the pharmacy can contribute significantly to the health education initiatives for the community.

King St Coffee

A cafe is available onsite. Serving locally roasted specialty coffee, teas and soft drinks. There is also a selection of packaged sandwiches, wraps, pastries and sweets.