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Sedation Dentistry


Sedation dentistry is an important part of dentistry help children and adults overcome their anxieties about dental treatment. There are a number of forms of sedation in the dental clinic.


Oral Sedation

This is where a syrup or tablets is given around 30 to 60 minutes prior to the appointment. It is a mild form of sedation that can assist with anxiety about dental treatment. Taking tablets or syrups can sometimes have an unpredictable response. It is always recommended to have such medication administered by a qualified dental sedationist.


Happy Gas

Happy gas also known as Nitrous Oxide is a gas administered via a mask during dental treatment. It is a very safe and effective way of alleviating dental anxiety and it is a method used frequently with children. Happy gas can be administered by a general dentist. 


Nitrous Oxide with Oral Sedation

Combing the two forms of sedation above can be very effective in dealing with higher levels of anxiety. This method of sedation MUST be administered by a qualified dental sedationist.


IV Sedation

IV Sedation can also be called conscious sedation, sleep dentistry and twilight dentistry. Conscious sedation is a method of anaesthesia. People who can benefit from conscious sedation are those that are very frightened or anxious about their dental treatment, or they have a lot of dental work that is required. It is commonly used in cirumstances where there is complex work to be done such as wisdom teeth removal or the placement of multiple implants. Dental practitioners that perform conscious sedation have undergone an additional university qualification to become dental sedationists. Conscious sedation also helps people with sensitive gag reflexes and as an additional benefit, most people don’t remember the appointment.


It is easy to avoid the dentist when you are frightened. Conscious sedation provides the option of undergoing dental procedures comfortably and without fear. Avoiding the dentist can lead to many oral health problems including losing your teeth.