Mouthguards are devices worn to protect teeth from injury. Research has also shown that mouthguards assist in preventing concussions.

Mouthguards can be purchased over the counter or they can be custom made by your dentist. Over the counterĀ  mouthguards, also known as, boil and bite mouthguards do not provide the required protection. If anything, they provide a false sense of security. Mouthguards work by absorbing the impact and cushioning the mouth. If a mouthguard does not fit perfectly, it won’t work. No mouthguard will fit properly unless it has been custom made for your mouth.

Blue mouthguard

If you wish to protect your teeth from injury, have a custom fit mouthguard made by your dentist.

Some of the mouth related sporting injuries include: chipped or broken teeth, tooth loss, tooth root and bone damage, damage to lips and gums, dislocated jaw and concussion.