Toothbrush and toothpaste



Hygiene appointments can sometimes be called cleans or deep cleans. Checkup and clean appointments can also be referred to as hygiene appointments.


Hygiene appointments are appointments involving cleaning the teeth. The technical term for cleaning teeth is scaling. Scaling teeth can be done via a device called an ultrasonic scaler. This device uses water and vibration to remove the calculus built up on teeth. Calculus that is stuck to the tooth cannot be removed by a toothbrush. Another commonly used term for calculus is tartar.


There are various forms of cleaning teeth. They can be done by machined instruments such as an ultrasonic scaler or they can be used by hand instruments which are also called hand scalers.


Hygiene appointments are usually scheduled every six months. Sometimes a dentist may recommend having hygiene appointments every 3 months. This is usually to try and treat or control gum disease.


A deep clean may also be prescribed the the dentist. This usually involves anaesthetising a portion of the mouth before a deep clean is done using both the ultrasonic scaler and hand scalers. There are usually multiple appointments here to complete all teeth. A deep clean is usually needed to get gum disease under control.