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TMJ Dental Treatments & Night Guard / Occlusal Splints

Reduce Damage Due To Teeth Grinding & Clenching

Grinding or clenching of the teeth and jaw, officially called bruxism or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain is a common condition that affects people of any age.  If you are waking up with tooth pain, sore jaw muscles, and headaches, you may even have the condition and not be aware of it as clenching is most common during sleep

The consequences of repeated and sustained grinding and clenching can cause intense pain and lead to permanent damage requiring expensive dental work to fix. A night guard or occlusal splint is an easy way to prevent further damage to your teeth.

What Is A Night Guard or Splint?

A night guard, otherwise known as an occlusal splint, is a removable device you place in your mouth to prevent grinding and clenching your teeth. It is often worn throughout the night, but can also be worn during the day or anytime the patient is prone to clenching or grinding.

The guard is made from acrylic plastic and is custom-made similar to a  sports mouthguard.  Your dentist takes an impression of your mouth and fits the mould to sit snug and secure against your teeth.  

The type of guard you get depends on the frequency and severity of your clenching or grinding.  The materials can vary from a softer acrylic for light clenching and grinding to very hard acrylic for heavier clenching and grinding.

TMJ & Night Guard FAQs

How Does A Night Guard Work?

The guard functions as a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth.  This barrier helps to prevent the wearing down of your teeth and takes pressure off of the jaw muscles.  It helps relieve jaw and tooth pain, and alleviates headaches and fatigue from disrupted sleep.  A night guard is an effective, easy, and safe way to prevent issues associated with grinding and clenching.

Do I Need A Night Guard?

If you continually grind or clench your teeth, a night guard is highly recommended. A splint or guard will not fix the problem of clenching or grinding, but acts as a preventative measure against further wearing away or damage to the teeth and jaw.

If clenching continues, it can lead to broken teeth or needing teeth removed.  Keep in mind that the cost of fixing or replacing teeth is much more expensive than the guard itself.  Clenching teeth during the night is a common problem, however many Australians do not take the steps necessary to prevent further damage.

Over The Counter Or Custom Fitted Night Guards?

As with sports mouthguards, you can purchase generic and cheap night guards over the counter. However, if a guard does not fit properly, it will not be effective in preventing further damage caused by clenching and grinding.

We always recommend having your dentist make a custom-fit night guard from impressions  of your mouth.

Night Guard Care Tips

Good care of your night guard or splint involves daily cleaning and proper storage.  To get the most out of your night guard or splint, you should follow these instructions

//  Clean your night guard or split with cold water after each use

//  Store your night guard in a plastic container with ventilation

//  Keep your guard out of direct sunlight

//  Do not leave your guard in extremely hot or cold places

//  Do not wash your guard with hot water.

A splint may last 3-5 years depending on the severity of grinding and clenching. Keep a close eye for any signs of damage and take your guard along to your regular dental checkups to ensure it still fits properly.

Clenching and grinding your teeth may be a bad habit, but it doesn’t have to lead to permanent damage. Using a night guard to protect your teeth and jaw is an easy, painless, and stress-free method to prevent grinding and clenching. Our friendly dentists will make sure you are informed, comfortable, and walk you through every step of the process.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with clenching or grinding your teeth, call King Street Dental to book in your consultation today. 

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