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General Dentistry - Diagnosis

Investigating The Cause Of A Dental Issue

Before you can treat a dental problem, you first need to diagnose it. Figuring out the cause of a problem can be tricky, depending on the symptoms.  A chipped or cracked tooth will often be easier to diagnose than general tooth pain.  At King Street Dental, we use the latest technology and techniques to investigate, diagnose, and treat any dental issues you have.

Many Australians believe they only need to see a dentist when they feel something is wrong.  Waiting until you are in pain is not recommended; a delayed diagnosis could cause the problem to be much more serious than if it’s detected early.

Scheduling a visit will give your dentist the chance to check on your overall oral health, review your health history, and determine if there are any problems.  They will also discuss how urgently problems need to be addressed, and what they recommend for treatment.

Signs Of Other Disease

During your visit, your dentist will check multiple areas around your throat and mouth.  The problems your dentist will check for goes well beyond the teeth and gums.  
A comprehensive dental examination can uncover the first signs of many illnesses outside of traditional oral care.  Areas that the dentist will check may include:

//  Individual Teeth

//  Gums

//  Throat

//  Tongue

//  Jaw

//  Cheeks

//  Neck

King street dental warrawong dr shabbir

The 4 Step Process To Diagnosis


The first step to the diagnosis process is to ask a simple question.  “How can I help you?”  This simple question begins to address what symptoms you have, for how long you have been experiencing them, and a series of other questions.  It also serves as a way for you to get to know us, and feel more comfortable and at ease with your dental team.  At King Street Dental, we place value on respect, trust, and good communication.

King street dental warrawong dr shabbir

History & Exam

Going through your health and family history can provide valuable clues to help with a potential diagnosis.  Knowing any current illnesses or conditions you have, medications you are taking, and relevant dental records are important for a proper diagnosis.

King street dental warrawong dr shabbir

X-Rays & Dental Exam

Diagnostic x-rays are important for detecting a range of issues that may be under the surface.  An oral examination will also be performed to check for issues with the teeth decay and gum disease.

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Diagnosis & Treatment Options

If there are any issues uncovered throughout the examination, your dentist will discuss options for treatment, and a treatment schedule.

The impacts of your oral health go well beyond your teeth.  Prevention and early detection are the keys to good oral health, along with regular checks and proper oral hygiene at home.  Your team at King Street Dental uses the latest dental technology to assist in properly diagnosing a range of health issues.  Our trained professionals will provide top quality service before, during, and after your visit.  

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Our General Dentistry Treatments

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Where To Find King Street Dental

King Street Dental is conveniently located at 67 King Street, Warrawong, next to Warrawong Library and Plush Furniture.

We have plenty of parking available on Carlotta Cres, at the northern end of Darcy Wentworth Park. Our practice is located at the corner of King Street & Hoskins Avenue.

We have accessibility parking available beside our building on the corner of King Street & Hoskins Ave. Enter via Hoskins Ave.

If you have trouble finding us, please call us.