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Dental Emergency

Urgent Treatment Of Serious Dental Issues

If you are experiencing any degree of dental pain, you need to act quickly.  Seeking out treatment as soon as an incident occurs or pain is felt is always the best move. Some oral pain such as toothache, soars, and sensitivity should be dealt with sooner than later, but others that require immediate attention are called dental emergencies. 

Emergency Dental Treatments in Wollongong

There are many types of pain and incidents that are considered dental emergencies. Here are a few common scenarios.

Lost Teeth

If you have lost a tooth, there is a good chance it can be reattached if acted on quickly.  First, start by staying calm, then locating the tooth.  You can either try placing the tooth back in the socket and holding it there, or put it in a jar of cold milk until you can get medical attention.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

A chipped tooth can be caused by impact, decay, or biting down too hard.  Start by rinsing out the mouth with warm water, and treat swelling with an ice pack or compress.  If the nerve of the tooth is exposed, there is a higher chance of damage, infection, and severe pain the longer you wait.  The urgency will depend on how severe the chip is.

Infection & Bleeding

If you have bleeding from the mouth or gums that have the appearance of ulcers, you want to seek immediate attention. An infected tooth is a serious concern, which often requires a root canal or tooth removal to fix. If left untreated, infections can cause permanent damage to the tissue surrounding the tooth and cause more serious infections that could become life-threatening.  Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water will alleviate some pain before you’re able to visit the dentist.

Tooth Abscesses

A tooth abscess occurs when a bacterial infection causes a pocket of pus to form around the teeth or gums.  Abscesses can often be very painful and if left untreated can develop into serious problems. Some symptoms of abscesses include sensitivity to hot and cold, pain while chewing, loose teeth, and pus discharge. Treatment includes draining the pus, removing debris and cleaning the area. A numbing gel is applied before the procedure to reduce pain.

Lost Crowns & Fillings

Tooth decay or other injuries can cause fillings and crowns to dislodge and fall out.  You will generally become aware of this quickly as the tooth with the lost filling or crown will be very sensitive to hot and cold and cause pain.  If your crown has fallen out, place it in a container and store it in a cool place until you can see a dentist.

Damaged Orthodontics & Dentures

Any damage to your existing braces, clear aligners, or retainers should be fixed immediately.  Damaged dentures are fixed quickly, so the sooner you call your dentist, the sooner they can replace or fix them for you.

Who Should I Call In A Dental Emergency?

If you have any of the above issues, you should call us right away. From intense pain to infected wisdom teeth, our trained staff will ask you a series of questions to determine the type and severity of your dental needs. In some circumstances, the injury may be classified as a medical emergency instead of a dental emergency.  If the injury or incident involves other areas of the body, significant swelling, or have trouble breathing or swallowing, you should call 000 or go to the hospital immediately. 

Ways To Prevent Dental Emergencies

Accidents happen, but many dental emergencies are preventable by taking a few simple precautions. 

//  Never use your teeth to open a package or bottle

// Always wear a mouthguard when playing recreational sports.

//  Avoid chewing on hard items like pens

// Always practice good daily dental hygiene

//  Have regular checkups with your dentist

During routine visits, your dentist will check for signs of decay, swelling, loose crowns and fillings as well as your overall oral health. These check-ups will help identify any potential issues before they become a problem that requires emergency treatment.

While routine check-ups can help keep problems to a minimum, emergencies do happen.  Acting right away and seeking immediate treatment will give you the best chance to prevent permanent damage and expensive treatments.

At King Street Dental, we have a medical center on-site and pharmacy coming soon. We use the latest and leading technology to assist with dental emergencies. Our central location is easy to find and has plenty of parking available.

Whatever your emergency is, our friendly dental professionals at King Street Dental will assist you every step of the way.  

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Arrange your appointment. You’re only 5 minutes away from a beautiful smile.

Where To Find King Street Dental

King Street Dental is conveniently located at 67 King Street, Warrawong, next to Warrawong Library and Plush Furniture.

We have plenty of parking available on Carlotta Cres, at the northern end of Darcy Wentworth Park. Our practice is located at the corner of King Street & Hoskins Avenue.

We have accessibility parking available beside our building on the corner of King Street & Hoskins Ave. Enter via Hoskins Ave.

If you have trouble finding us, please call us.