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Protect Your Mouth & Teeth From Damage Due To Impact

Sport is a passion for many Australians.  We love sports as kids and adults, and encourage our kids to participate when they’re of age.  With any sport, however, there is a risk of injury.  The Australian Dental Association reports that over 40% of dental injuries are sports-related, yet only 36% of people report wearing a mouthguard while playing contact sports.  

To reduce the risk of injury while playing sport, a sport mouthguard should be worn for all physical activities where there is a risk of physical contact to the teeth and mouth area.

What Is A Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a soft protective device that fits in your mouth while playing sports.  It works by absorbing impact and cushioning the teeth, jaw, gums, and mouth.  Whether you are playing football, rugby, basketball, netball, boxing, martial arts, soccer, hockey, cricket, or any other sports, it is highly recommended to always wear a mouthguard.

Why Do I Need A Mouthguard?

Leaving your mouth unprotected during sport puts your oral health at risk.  It doesn’t take much impact to cause a dental emergency.  Without proper protection, impacts to your mouth can lead to:

//  Chipped, Broken, or Cracked Teeth

//  Loss Of Teeth

//  Gum Lacerations

//  Lip Lacerations

//  Increase Chance of Concussions

//  Fractured Jaw

//  Damage To Past Dental Work

Sports Mouthguard warrawong nsw

Types of Mouthguards & What They Are Good For

Stock Mouthguards

These mouthguards are easily found in your local pharmacies and sporting goods stores.  While they are inexpensive, they are one size fits all and do not fit securely.  They are often uncomfortable and provide the least amount of protection as they are not moulded to or fit snugly around your teeth.

Boil & Bite Mouthguards

These self-fitted mouthguards are also found over the counter and are made by immersing them in boiling water, then biting down to make an imprint of your teeth.  While providing some level of protection, they do not have a precise fit which means they can fall out, be uncomfortable and become a nuisance to wear.

Custom-Fitted Mouthguards

The recommended choice by health and dental professionals are custom-fitted mouthguards, carefully crafted to fit your mouth perfectly.  Custom-fitted mouthguards provide far superior protection by fitting in your mouth securely so there is no movement during an impact.  They are far more durable, and are both odourless and tasteless.  Having a properly fitted mouthguard is the only true protection for your smile while playing sport.

custom fit mouthguard warrawong nsw

How Are Mouthguards Fitted?

Getting a custom-made mouthguard is an easy process that starts by visiting your dentist who makes an impression of your teeth.  This ensures the mouthguard is the best possible fit for your mouth.

The mouthguard is made out of a tough and durable acrylic and is a replica of your mouth.

The initial appointment to make the impression takes approximately 15 minutes. Once your mouthguard is ready, you will be contacted to pick it up and have a final fitting before taking it home.

Mouthguard Care & Cleaning

//  Rinse your mouthguard with soap and cold water after use

// Never use hot water, as it may warp the shape.

//  Store your mouthguard in a plastic container with some air holes for ventilation.

//  Check your mouthguard for holes or tears. Damage may tell you it's time for a replacement.

//  Take your mouthguard with you to dental appointments to ensure it still fits, as your teeth can move around naturally.

//  Never share your mouthguard, or wear someone else’s

//  Do not bend or bite hard on your mouthguard.

Protect yourself and your child from sports injuries by wearing a custom-fit mouthguard.  As sports fans, we encourage everyone to get out there and enjoy playing sports in a safe and low-risk environment.

At King Street Dental, we want all Australians to lower their risk of sports-related injuries.
When you come in for your visit, make sure you tell us what sports you are playing so we can build you a custom-made dental mouthguard and protect your unique smile. Talk to our dentists about different colour and design options available.

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