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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Tattoos!

If you are looking to remove a tattoo that you no longer want to keep, King Street Aesthetics offers advanced treatments for safe and effective tattoo removal service for Greater Wollongong at our Warrawong clinic.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Soften your facial appearance and expression lines immediately

As we age, our skin inevitably starts to show signs of stress and wear. Over the many years of repeated facial expressions and frowning, deep lines and wrinkles begin to form as a result of continuous muscle contraction in that area. A prime example are the vertical frown lines in between our eyebrows that are caused by frowning which we do as a natural response during concentrating or times of frustration. From these repeated expressions, deep lines form that with time do not go away even when we are not frowning, and the result is a heavy angry appearance. Obviously this creates a harsh and aged appearance, and our once youthful complexion begins to fade. However, there are ways to help prevent these signs of ageing from taking hold. One non-invasive and instant method is to use muscle relaxant injections. These injections help to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin. In addition, they can also help to prevent new wrinkles from forming by reducing the amount of stress that the skin has to endure, due to excessive facial expressions. As a result, muscle relaxant injections can be a great way to keep your face looking younger, softer and healthier.

Whether you're looking to prevent wrinkles or simply want to achieve a more youthful appearance, muscle relaxants injections may be right for you.

How Does it Work?

Safe and Effective Tattoo Removal

Alma’s advanced laser treatments use a variety of laser wavelengths to target different ink colours. Short laser pulses are absorbed by the ink, breaking up the particles, while keeping the surrounding tissue intact.

The body’s lymphatic system then clears the ink fragments, causing the tattoo to fade.

Remove Tatoo in Wollongong


The number of sessions required varies depending on factors such as the tattoo's size, colour, and location. Typically, multiple sessions are necessary, with several weeks between each to allow your body to eliminate the tattoo ink naturally.


Laser tattoo removal performed without anaesthesia is a painful procedure. At King Street Aesthetics, we apply a topical numbing cream to the area. After the cream is applied, you can expect to experience a significantly more comfortable treatment.

Tattoo Removal Clinic Wollongong


Your skin may appear raised and white after your treatment, with the skin surrounding the tattoo presenting some blistering swelling and redness. This is completely normal and usually resolves quickly. It is essential that you keep the treated area protected and away from direct sun exposure during the first 24 hours following your treatment. Healing takes approximately 7-10 days.

Price- From $99

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Where To Find King Street Aesthetics

Where To Find King Street Aesthetics

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